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Amber Alert Child Reunited With Mother

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Breanna Woodside Breanna Woodside
Miles Thomas Woodside Miles Thomas Woodside
Authorities say the car has been found in an Amber Alert involving 2-year-old Breanna Woodside. Authorities say the car has been found in an Amber Alert involving 2-year-old Breanna Woodside.
The car was found at America's Best Value Inn off the Browns Ferry Road exit. The car was found at America's Best Value Inn off the Browns Ferry Road exit.
Surveillance picture of Miles and Breanna Woodside at the Ft Payne McDonalds Friday night Surveillance picture of Miles and Breanna Woodside at the Ft Payne McDonalds Friday night
Updated Wednesday 4:30 p.m.

Breanna Woodside was reunited with her mother Wednesday in Laredo, Texas. She had been missing since last week when her father, Miles Thomas Woodside, didn't return her to her mother after a visit. That sparked Amber Alerts in Kentucky and Alabama. A third alert was issued in Tennessee Tuesday when the car he was driving turned up in Chattanooga.

The search led police to the Chattanooga bus station, where a ticket agent identified the two as having boarded a bus to El Paso, Texas.

Breanna's mother says she hopes the little girl doesn't understand the danger everyone thought she was in.

"I hope that she just thinks it was an adventure with Daddy and thinks nothing more of it," said Athena Fritz, Breanna's mother.

Woodside had his first court appearance Wednesday. He's charged with kidnapping and grand theft auto.

Breanna's mother says she hopes he gets some help psychiatric help, because Breanna still needs her father in her life.

Updated Tuesday 8:30 p.m.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Frankfort police say a Tennessee bus ticket agent was able to help lead authorities to a 2-year-old Kentucky girl who had been missing since last week.

Maj. Fred Deaton says the search for Breanna Woodside ended late Tuesday afternoon when she was found unharmed with her 30-year-old father, Miles Thomas Woodside, in Monterrey, Mexico.

Deaton says the ticket agent in Chattanooga identified the two has having boarded a bus to El Paso, Texas, and from there information was discovered that traced the two to Monterrey.

Police said the girl's father called relatives Tuesday and indicated the pair were OK.

Authorities say 30-year-old Miles Woodside didn't return his daughter to her mother Friday after a noncustodial visit.

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Updated Tuesday 6:30pm

From Chattanooga Police: the Amber Alert for 2-yr-old Breanna Woodson has been cancelled. The FBI located Miles and Breanna Woodson in Monterrey, Mexico.  More details will follow soon.

Updated Tuesday 5:20pm

Ft Payne police release surveillance pictures of Miles and Breanna Woodside at the Ft Payne McDonalds taken Friday night.

Updated Tuesday 3pm

From Chattanooga police: Investigators questioned a Chattanooga cab driver who picked up Miles and Breanna and drove them to the Greyhound bus station on Airport Road. Police have not confirmed whether the pair boarded the bus or what their direction of travel may have been.

Updated Tuesday 1:15 p.m.

Eyewitness News has learned an investigator is at a Greyhound station.

A Greyhound spokesperson released this statement to Channel 3: "We are aware of the Amber Alert situation in Tennessee and are working closely with the Chattanooga Police Department."

Stay with Eyewitness News to bring you more on this developing story.

Updated Tuesday 12:21 p.m.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News has confirmed that a cab driver picked up Thomas Woodside and Breanna Woodside at the hotel. Detectives with the Chattanooga Police Department have interviewed that cab driver.

Updated Tuesday 11:30 a.m.

An East and Middle Tennessee Amber Alert has been activated for the Kentucky Police. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation details the alert on their Web site.

Channel 3 Eyewitness Reporter Callie Starnes spoke with an investigator on the scene where the car was found. Authorities confirm the gray Lincoln Town Car found at the America's Best Value Inn and Suites off Brown's Ferry Road is the car Thomas Woodside was driving when he allegedly abducted his daughter. The vehicle has been towed to the Chattanooga Police Department's facilities on Amnicola Highway.

Police confirmed an anonymous call into the Channel 3 Newsroom was the tip that led them to the vehicle. Once police responded to the tip into our newsroom, other Chattanooga media began covering the story.

Stay with Eyewitness News and WRCBtv.com for more information on this developing story.

Updated Tuesday 9:15 a.m.

Authorities say the car has been found in an Amber Alert involving 2-year-old Breanna Woodside. The car was found at America's Best Value Inn and Suites off the Browns Ferry Road exit.

Police on the scene believe it's the car and are getting ready to process the car to verify vin number and tag. 

Police say the vehicle is cold, so it has been parked at the hotel for awhile. The hotel's manager, Jay Patel, said everyone who checked in to the hotel is accounted for and doesn't think Woodside and his daughter ever checked in hotel. Patel told Eyewitness News he had not seen Thomas Woodside or his daughter Breanna.

Patel said a housekeeper noticed the car Monday, but Patel says no one was concerned about the car until police arrived Tuesday morning.

The hotel does not have surveillance in the part of the parking lot where the car is.

Eyewitness News has a crew on the scene and will provide more details as they become available. It's coverage you can count on.

Updated Monday 6:30 p.m.

FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WRCB) -- Breanna Woodside was last seen Friday evening in Fort Payne with her father Thomas Woodside. Eyewitness News spoke with his family about the situation, and they say he was just trying to protect his daughter.

"Y'all need to know that he's not dangerous and that little girl is his whole life," said Misty Woodside Mitchell, Woodside's sister.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News was the only Chattanooga television station to interview Mitchell and her mother Mary Love on Monday. They couldn't hold back their tears her brother who is facing felony charges.

"She's being took care of, and he knows that and that's all he cares about. She's his whole life, and that's why he's pushed to do this," said Love and Mitchell finishing each other's sentences.

Fort Payne Police believe Woodside left town Friday with his 2-year-old daughter Breanna. Woodside had visitation rights for Breanna. Both lived in Frankfort, Kentucky.

According to police, he picked up his daughter at the Frankfort Police Department Friday morning, but never brought her back that afternoon.

Police say Woodside drove his daughter to Fort Payne  where his family lives.

"He called Friday and wanted to talk to us but his mother, she wasn't home, that's the last time that we heard from him," said Tim Love, Woodside's step-father.

He also visited his friend and former classmate Bobby Clements.

Later the 3 went to a McDonald's where Woodside confessed to Clements that he was thinking about taking Breanna.

"He talked about taking her away. I told him it wasn't the right thing to do, if anything it would just add to the fire," said Bobby Clements.

We're told Woodside stayed at the Econo Lodge in Fort Payne Friday night but was never seen with a child. There have also been two alleged sightings of Woodside and his daughter in Huntsville.

Police say he may be driving a 1997 silver Lincoln Town Car with Kentucky license tags that read 064 BAA.

Updated Monday 2 p.m.

Authorities say a classmate of Woodside met him at the McDonalds in Ft. Payne Friday. At a news conference at a Ft. Payne Police department. The classmate told Eyewitness News he gave Woodside money, bought him food and saw his daughter Breanna.

Woodside spent the night at the Ft Payne Econo Lodge but no one saw the girl there. Woodside reportedly called his family but no one was home.  

Original Post:

FORT PAYNE, AL (WRCB) -- Police now say a Kentucky man wanted for abducting his toddler daughter was last seen in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Authorities say Thomas Woodside was allegedly seen at the Fort Payne McDonald's on Friday.

An Amber Alert has been issued for 2-year-old Breanna Woodside.

Frankfort, Kentucky police say her father, Thomas Woodside, picked the girl up Friday morning and never returned her to her mother.

Investigators say Woodside is considered armed with a .38 caliber and possibly dangerous due to suicidal tendencies.

Woodside is believed to be driving a 1997 Lincoln Town car, with Kentucky license plates 0-6-4-B-A-A.

Breanna was last seen wearing a purple and pink striped shirt, a black jacket with a pink lining, purple sweat pants, and blue shoes. Miles may use the first name Tom or Thomas.

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