10:25 update

From Bruce Frazier, Dalton PD

  • GBI has removed explosive devices from Cantrell's SUV
  • DPD AND GBI are investigating the crime scene inside law offices
  • Crawford Street between Jones and Thornton Avenue will remain closed
  • Cantrell's Street, Beaverdale Road in Varnell, has been re-opened and the the scene, his home, has been cleared

4:35pm update

 From Jason Parker, Dalton Police Chief

  •  Suspect has been identified 78 year old Lloyd Sylvester Cantrell
  •  Search underway at Cantrell's residence which is now closed off
  •  It's assumed that Cantrell wanted to ram the office with his vehicle
  •  He at first tried to hit the front of the building but failed

From Vernon Cantrell, GBI

  •  Cantrell's vehicle was loaded with containers of propane and gasoline
  •  The vehicle will be inspected to determine what triggered the explosion.
  •  Incident described as a suicide attack from a deranged individual

4:15pm update

  From the Northwest Georgia Health Department:

  •     Two of the injured released from Hamilton Medical Center
  •     One who is severely burned has been flown to Augusta to the Steel Burns Center
  •     One has been admitted to Hamilton Medical Center

4pm update

 FBI agents will join the Dalton police chief for a news conference on the investigation into the explosion. Watch it live on Channel-3. Approximate start time is 4:30pm.

3:15pm update

 Georgia investigators have indentified the death in this morning's explosion as a 71-year-old man who is also the person suspected of causing the explosion. Authorities report some sort of disturbance before the blast. An officer reports seeing a man leave his SUV moments before the building exploded. The suspect's body is still inside the building.

2:00pm update

 From Mark Bruce

 Fire is out at the McCamy law firm

1:30pm update

 From Bruce Frazier, Dalton Police Department

  One person confirmed dead in the explosion. The body is behind the house that is the location of the McCamy law firm.

 Police were called to the scene on reports that there was a disturbance and someone was trying to ram the house with their SUV.

 When the officer arrived on the scene, they say the person fled around the back of the building and that's when the explosion happened. The officer was not hurt.

 A hot spot flared inside the house and firefighters could not go inside to put out the fire because the building had not been cleared.

 The person who suffered severe burns in the explosion has been transferred to Augusta to the Steel Burns Center.

1:15pm update

  Flames now visible from the scene of the explosion.

  Students from City Park Elementary have been evacuated to First Baptist Church on Thornton Avenue. Parents may pick up their children at the Family Life Center at the back of the church but they must provide identification. Children who are bus riders will ride home on a bus at the normal dismissal time. Dalton officials say there will be no after school care.

12:25pm update

  From Mark Bruce

  •    Both agents from the ATF and GBI are on the scene. Robot remains inside McCamy law firm searching for an other explosive devices
  •    Members of the media have been moved back from the bomb scene
  •    Reports that students from City Park Elementary are being released from the school. 


 12:18pm update

   From NBC News

    Of the four people reportedly at Hamilton Medical Center, one will be transferred to a burns center somewhere in the southeast.

Noon update

From our Mark Bruce

  •  Smoke can be seen coming from the McCamy law firm
  •  Members of the Georgia ATF have arrived on the scene
  •  Person of interest is in custody

From our Rachel Withers

  •    Onlookers are emotional
  •    Among the injured: a client, an attorney and a female co-worker
  •    Realtors at a nearby business say the explosion sounded like a sonic boom and knocked her out of her chair
  •    Bomb robot has gone in to search the McCamy law firm 

11:54am update

From Bruce Frazier with Dalton Police:

  •  Four people taken to Hamilton Medical Center. They are listed in stable condition. 
  •  Police have a person of interest in the case. They would not confirm if that person was injured in the blast.
  •  One person had their clothes burned off their body from the blast of the explosion
  •  Members of a bomb squad are now inside the McCamy law office, searching the business.
  • City Park Elementary is on lockdown and parents are asked not to come to the school. School officials will contact them

 11:40am update

Justice officials tell NBC News that it appears an explosive device was thrown through a window at the law firm. Meanwhile a news conference is underway at the scene of the explosion. Check for details on this developing story.

11:30am update

According to information available on the web about the McCamy, Phillips, Tuggle & Fordham, LLP  Law, the firm was founded in 1932 as Hardin and McCamy. The firm now has six partners and two associates. One former member served for years as a federal judge in the Northern District of Georgia.

The firm's practice has involvement in banking, utilities, government, corporate and real estate law together with considerable civil trial practice, insurance defense and estate planning.  The firm is general counsel to Dalton's largest bank; the municipal utilities system; the county government of Whitfield County; the hospital and a national bank in Murray County, Georgia; and a number of large manufacturing concerns, primarily in the carpet industry.

11:15am update

At least four people were injured in an explosion reported in downtown Dalton. Sources report that four people were hurt when a Molotov style cocktail exploded. One of the injured reportedly suffered severe burns and will have to go to either Vanderbilt or Steel Burns Center in Augusta, GA.

10:45am first report

 Downtown explosion reported at 10am in Dalton. Police and fire are responding to a location on Crawford Street near Thornton Avenue.  The blast was reported at the McCamy Law Firm.

According to police spokesperson Bruce Frazier, officers have a "person of interest" in the case but that person is not in custody.

Nearby businesses have been evacuated. City Park Elementary School which is nearby is on lockdown as a precautionary measure. School officials say there are no reports of injuries.

Channel-3 Eyewitness News has crews en route to the location and we will have more information as it becomes available..

10:25 update