Jackie L. Miller BC-HIS - President/CEO
Mr. Miller attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. He is state licensed in both Georgia and Tennessee, and National Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Science.

W.S. "Terry" Burbank - Hearing Aid Specialist
Terry Burbank graduated from North Carolina State Universtiy with a Bachelor of Science degree plus he received the Presidential Scholastic Award upon graduation from Chattanooga State Technical Community College. Mr. Burbank is dually licensed as a hearing instrument specialist both in the state of Georgia and Tennessee. He is a member of the International Hearing Society, and the Tennessee Hearing Society Commissioned Officer Retired in the United States Army.

Wendell Wilbanks - Hearing Specialist
Wendell M. Wilbanks attended University of Southern Mississippi Jefferson Davis Campus. Wendell is a 5 year U.S. Air Force veteran with a computer hardware engineering background that led to his involvement in advanced digital hearing instruments. He has 5 years in the field and 20 years technology related experience. Wendell is dually licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist both in the state of Georgia and Tennessee.

Marlena Smith - Hearing Specialist
Marlena Smith joined the Beltone team in 2007. She has been an asset to everyone at Beltone and is excited about her new career helping the hearing impaired live a normal and happy life. A Lafayette, GA native, Marlena has over 10 years experience in the Medical field. She spends her free time at the ball fields with her children and is a big fan of hunting and baseball.

Shelia Helms - Hearing Specialist
Shelia Helms has been working with hearing aids since the 90's. She is currently in our LaFayette, GA office. During her time as a specialist she says she has met some wonderful people and enjoys helping improve their quality of life. She's also excited about new technology that can help more than ever before and hopes to help some of you!

Shayne Harrell - Hearing Specialist
Shayne Harrell has been in the hearing business for over 5 years. After college, he put his efforts into the medical field and is now board certified as hearing specialist. Originally from Louisiana, Shayne has come to call Tennessee home and is excited about working with Beltone and Miller Calibration Services. Shayne will be our specialist for our McMinnville and Crossville offices.

Dede Roberts - Operations Manager
Dede Roberts is our team's operations manager. She has been with the company for over 10 years and continues to excel in her newest position. Her accountability and dedication to her job help our offices run efficiently. Dede is a Tennessee native and enjoys spending time with her family during her free time.

Denise Wilbanks - Hearing Specialist
Denise Wilbanks is a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in Georgia and works in the Dalton office. She joined the Beltone team to help the hearing impaired have a better quality of life. Denise has a diverse background in corporate management and volunteering with various not for pr ofit h umanitarian organizations. Denise enjoys spending time with her husband in the mountains and gardening.

Gary Dixon - Hearing Specialist
Gary S. Dixon joined the hearing industry in 1996. A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, who takes great interest in patient care and solving needs for the hearing impaired. He is a big fan of the University of Tennessee athletic program. He enjoys traveling and sports.

Diane Squires - Hearing Specialist
Diane Squires is a graduate of the College of New Jersey. She has called Georgia home for the past thirty years and now enjoys living in the North Georgia mountains and working in our Jasper office. Beltone hearing aids made such a big difference in her mother's life that she became a licensed hearing aid specialist in order to share that experience with others. She has found that when a person's hearing improves so does the quality of their life. Diane enjoys photography, scrap booking and making jewelry when time permits.

Sammi Grello - Specialist
Sammi Grello attended Middle Tennessee State University, where she studied Communication Disorders during her undergraduate career. Sammi is a second generation Beltone Hearing Instrument Specialist. Sammi brings over 5 years of experience with fitting hearing aids to the communities of Maryville and Lenoir City Tennessee.

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