What is Lipotherapy?

A non-surgical technique for body fat reduction and cellulite improvement. Sculpt your body as you'd like. No trip to the operating room. Zero downtime. Resume your normal activities immediately. No post-operative pain or massive bruising, no general anesthesia, no scarring on the skin or in the deeper tissues. It is used to treat fat pad of the lower eye lids, love handles, lower and upper abdominal fat, upper arms (bat wings), neck, double chin, which up until now had been removed by either a face lift, arm lift, or abdominoplasty.

What guarantees do I have that Lipotherapy works?

There is no guarantee that any system of medicine will work in 100% of cases. The chances of success are always greater when performed by an experienced injection therapist and the patient follows the doctors advise precisely. 

Case studies in 2003 show the percentage of satisfaction in the following areas: 


44% very satisfied 11% satisfied 3% less satisfied


29% very satisfied 15% satisfied 3% less satisfied


21% very satisfied 5% satisfied 1% less satisfied


9% very satisfied 1% satisfied 2% less satisfied


8% very satisfied 1% satisfied 0% less satisfied


6% very satisfied 1% satisfied 2% less satisfied


This case study was done in 2003 and involved 213 patients and was published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology in October 2003.

In summary, Lipotherapy can produce sometimes huge improvements in body structure. According to our present state of knowledge, it is a safe and gentle method, for both patient and physician, for eliminating smaller accumulations of fat at problem zones. It is no substitute for surgical intervention in the case of more extensive body areas, and is also no therapy for weight reduction. Lipotherapy should always only be performed by physicians who have undergone training in its proper application.

What is involved in Lipotherapy?

Injections can be uncomfortable and the duration of treatment depends on the area being treated. It appears that most patients experience a slight burning or tingling sensation right after injections to the affected area which last for about 15-30 minutes. Redness & slight swelling may occur at the site for about 72 hours with some associated temporary bruising. Results can be visible within 2 weeks of treatment and it appears that more than 90% of patients are very satisfied with the progress of the results after 4 treatments.

What is it used in the injections?

Phosphatidylcholine, a chief component of soy lecithin. Lecithin is a natural enzyme that breaks down fat. It is used extensively all over the world for its cholesterol lowering effect and its action as a liver protective; it is recently also being widely used by plastic surgeons and Cosmetologists to reduce localized accumulation of unsightly fat and cellulite through injections due to it's fat dissolving effect. 

How long will the treatment last?

The treatment will be permanent as long as there is no weight gain. It is up to the patient to ensure that new fat deposits are not allowed to build up through poor diet and insufficient exercise.