It's official - SunTrust Park is now Truist Park.

The Atlanta Braves and members from SunTrust - now Truist - made the name change official during a ceremony Tuesday morning, when they unveiled signage

that would be used around the park.

The rename comes after the completion of the merger between BB&T and SunTrust in December 2019. 

SunTrust just recently unveiled the new look for Truist: a monogram made up of two T's that mirror the Truist name and represent Touch + Technology, they said.

Truist Purple, the defining color of the new brand, is the combination of heritage BB&T burgundy and SunTrust blue, they said.

BB&T and SunTrust announced the name of their new merged banking conglomerate back over the summer.  

Back then, responses from people at the Battery - where the ballpark is - ranged from "I like it. I think it's nice," to "Uhhh…it's a little dorky, not gonna lie. But whatever, that's the name of the bank." 

SunTrust originally purchased the naming rights for a reported $10 million-a-year for 25 years.