TULLAHOMA, TN (WSMV) - Representatives with the Guinness Book of World Records visited a Tullahoma firehall and brought a measuring stick with them.

Tullahoma firefighter Brandon Berridge could break a world record.

Firefighters are born with certain traits – bravery, grit and toughness. For Berridge, it’s world-record breaking length. He’s 7-feet tall.

On Monday, he’s making lunch for his colleagues. He’s hardly a noodle when it comes to fire rescue training. At 7-feet tall, he has to make himself small for this kind of work. It’s a dangerous job, camaraderie around the table keeps it light.

A nickname for Berridge was easy.

“He goes by Shorty. If he hears Shorty, he comes running,” said one of his colleagues.

“I got another one too,” said Berridge. “One of the officers calls me Aflac because I got to duck all the time.”

At 7-foot, life can be funny.

“The inseam of his pants is 44 inches. The manufacturer said no way, but I said yes, this boy is 7 feet tall,” said Tullahoma Fire Chief Richard Shasteen.

There are advantages too.

“We put in smoke detectors, he doesn’t need a ladder,” said a colleague.

And when there’s not room at the dinner table, he uses the top of the refrigerator.

“It’s the perfect height for me. I don’t have to scrunch, just grab a spot,” said Berridge.

The Guinness representatives measured him on Monday for the record, which is cool, but most important, he’s a good fireman and loves it.

“We’re pretty good with each other, like a second family,” said Berridge. “We spend one-third of our lives with each other.”

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