A good flash mob video always draws a lot of eyes. But adding in a marriage proposal is one sure way to draw a lot of hearts.

Channel 3 sat down with a Chattanooga couple who went viral last week after their flash mob moment at Hamilton Place.

Kayla Hammons said she was shocked when her now fiancé, Devante Williams, hopped on stage and proposed at the mall.

If there's one thing Williams knows, it's dance. If there's a second, it's a crowd-stopping proposal.

"Pretty much I knew I wanted the proposal to be something great, something different. I wanted her to be surprised by it,” he said.

A dance teacher, Williams rallied his students for the flash mob proposal at the mall. Shocked shoppers took to Facebook posting videos, but the moment surprised Hammons more than anyone.

“I started thinking about it when I heard the lyrics, but I wouldn't let myself really believe it,” she said.

Thousands of people watched the videos online, but Hammons said they missed one big moment.

"You can't see that, you see him point out in the crowd and there are four signs and my best friend was actually holding one and they spelled out 'Will you marry me,’” she said.

Williams doesn't miss a step, capturing the question with the help of a professional videographer.

"I love the love, and people love to love, people love love. I think that's really why it went viral the way it did,” he said.

With a proposal like that, how could she not say yes?

"And he can probably tell you, after the first date I was like 'Yup, that's my man,’” Hammons said.

The couple assures Channel 3 a choreographed dance will definitely be a part of their wedding.