On December 15, a radar gun, baseball bags, clothing, and an ATV were all stolen from Bradley Central High School. Steven Ray Levi has been arrested and charged with two counts of burglary and theft above $2,500.

Principal Patrick Spangler says the first thought that ran through his mind was recovering the items.

"It hurts more than just the vehicle being stolen. Our parents, coaches, student-athletes fundraise quite a bit to make sure that we have the best possible resources," said Spangler. 

Bradley County Sheriff Steve Lawson says they were able to recover the ATV among other items.

"The break came in this case, where we were able to locate some of the property and backtrack from there," said Lawson. 

There were able to catch Levi through surveillance video, and by tacking his movements that night. 

"Knowing what clothing he was wearing, what car he was in, knowing some particulars about him and able to link his actions maybe to the crime that night," said Lawson. 

Lawson says he's confident they will make another arrest. 

"As I sit here, I believe the grand jury will return indictments against at least one and maybe even more individuals," said Lawson.