MAGNA, UT (KSL-TV) – Officers with the Unified Police Department in Utah found themselves in the middle of an unlikely pursuit when they were called to a neighborhood to round up a stray pig.

Just after 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers were called to an area initially believing they may be dealing with a ‘pit,’ or pit bull.

An officer said they soon learned from a witness it was, in fact, a pig running loose.

“We tried to wrangle him in by giving him carrots and just some bread,”

 Officer Melissa Patino said. “Unfortunately he didn’t want that so he took us just up the street and he went into oncoming traffic, so we kind of cornered him.”

Eventually, about five houses up the street, officer Kyler Roush spotted the pig hiding underneath a trailer and grabbed it by the hind leg in a feat caught on body camera.