A Cleveland, Tennessee native will become the first female wing commander in the history of the Georgia Air National Guard. 

On Sunday, Colonel Amy Holbeck will take the reins as commander of the 116th Air Control Wing, which gives her the responsibility for more than 1,450 Airmen. 

"It's very surreal actually, I never set out to be the wing commander," Holbeck said. "I'm very humbled by the opportunity to lead."

She was born and raised in Cleveland, and graduated from Bradley Central High School. 

In 1997, she graduated from Tennessee Tech University before joining the Air Force. 

"I felt the need to be in the military and serve my country, and give back to those who came before me," Holbeck said. 

Holbeck said she believes anyone regardless of gender, race or religion that they can do anything.

"I say go for it," Holbeck said. "If you have a good work ethic, work hard, have a positive attitude, go for it." 

She will officially take command during a ceremony Sunday at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia.