Cleveland Police have released the surveillance footage of how a stolen truck rammed into the American Defense Company gun store off Georgetown Road Tuesday morning.

More than $10,000 dollars’ worth of weapons were taken from the store and the owners say the break in caused nearly $100,000 worth of damage.

At least three suspects were shown in the video.

But Cleveland Police Sergeant Evie West believes more people could be involved, and believes the publics input can help solve this case.

"We have got to get this crime solved. And we need to get it solved quickly,” West said.

West says anytime weapons are stolen, it can put the public in danger.

"Anytime that you have guns or firearms in the hands of irresponsible people...people that don't go through the background check and the process. And even have the money to pay for these. Yeah, it is a dangerous situation,” West said.       

Most of the weapons from the robbery have been recovered.

Scott Prichard with the store is glad to know they are out of the hands of criminals.   

"The guns were insured. Even if they weren't, the main thing was we are just glad that those weapons are off the streets,” Prichard said.

West says additional video from Georgetown Road shows another vehicle with a possible connection to the case and she is asking the public to keep an eye out.

"I think just getting it out there and the know, money speaks. Hopefully, someone will see it. And they can call the police department and leave a message. Or call the ATF. Or leave a confidential tip on our Facebook page,” West said.

Cleveland Police are offering a $10,000 reward for information on the suspects.

Call 423-559-3392 if you have any information.