More than 10,000 UTC students are heading back to class for the Spring semester on Monday.

Students will start the semester with a new educational platform known as Canvas.

Robie Robinson, executive director of emergency services, said the new platform gives administrators another opportunity to send alerts to students.

In August, a false alarm left students on a high alert when an off duty Chattanooga police officer walked into his house with a rifle in his hand near campus.

At the time, students said there was a lack of communication from the university.

"I had no clue anything was happening so it's definitely more comforting now that they have taken more measures to make it safe for us," Freshman Haley Collins said.

Robinson said every time something happens on campus, administrators review security plans.

"We upgrade them and we update them so we've made a lot of changes in terms of our procedures as far as for lockdown situations to immediately lock down the campus, and get the word out," Robinson said.

He said students need to make sure they are signed up for UTC alerts, which sends emergency notifications directly to their cell phones.

These are just a few tools students can utilize. 

"There weren't as many [notifications] so I didn't feel as safe as I feel now so I feel like its good that they stepped up," Sophomore Ireland Wills said. 

Robinson said the university continues to evaluate and improve security procedures. 

"The upgrades on the phone system, once that is completed, will allow us to utilize all of the telephones on campus as well in addition to students' cell phones if they have signed up, desktop monitors, flat-panel monitors, email systems and all of those," Robinson said.