Scott reached out on Facebook to give me his 3 cents about the 311 Chattanooga leaf pick up service. He said, “Government inefficiency wasting our tax dollars. Chattanooga leaf pickup comes to our street six times in six days (one house at a time) and still doesn’t pick up all of them (eight more out here with leaves piled at the curb). Just get the whole street when someone schedules it.”

Many of you agree with Scott’s assessment.

Stanley said, “There wasting our tax money We had called a couple days before but our next door neighbor had called before us so they came to their house and left and came back to our house the next day.”

Fran said, “The “call in” or “online” request method is a totally inefficient process because of the wasted fuel and drivers time! It is also ridiculous to have your leaves picked up while your neighbors blow back into your yard!.”

But many of you like the service.

Bill said "Hard to believe I can submit a request on my phone and it’s taken care of within a few days. Leaf pickup, brush pickup, trash receptacle replacement, all easy as pie. As for not picking up everything on a street. If it’s not submitted why would they make an unsolicited stop? That’s asking for trouble."

Jennifer said, “I love it! In the fall, think of how many people submit requests on any given weekend. They consolidate more than we realize. They aren’t always bounding from one neighborhood to the next. The convenience of not having to bag the leaves if we don’t want to is awesome! We are very pleased.”

My 3 Cents? I can see how it might not appear to be streamlined. But consider this. Loose leaf collection is MUCH more spotty than trash collection which in which everyone participates. It probably doesn’t warrant regular routes for pick up. Drivers could be driving through entire neighborhoods, and not do one pick up. That is more of a waste than going to the same neighborhood more than once a day or week for scheduled pickups. Also, the drivers do what they are supposed to do. It’s unreasonable to expect them to assume you want your leaves picked up when you have not called the 311 service. I wouldn’t go on your property uninvited and remove your leaves either.

If you live in Chattanooga and want to take advantage of the 311 service you can either call 423-643-6311 or schedule the pick up online at the city of Chattanooga's website. They also have a CHATT311 app.

That’s my 3 Cents. If you have a rant, be it good bad, serious, or silly, I want to know. Just call 555-1212 and give me Your 3 Cents!