East Ridge Police have located the vehicle involved in a hit run off old Ringgold Road on Wednesday night, but are continuing their search for the driver behind the wheel.

Detectives with the East Ridge Police Department gathered surveillance video from the McDonald's nearby.

Lt. Josh Creel says the person responsible should have stayed and done everything they could to help this man.

"It was a pretty egregious injury this man suffered. And by all stretch of the imagination, they should have stopped and rendered him aid,” Creel said.

The surveillance footage shows the truck smashing into the motorcycle and knocking the man a few feet back.

Creel says fortunately bystanders rushed to the man’s aid. 

"Officers searched the area and weren't able to make contact immediately with the vehicle. But rendered immediate alongside with some bystanders to the motorcyclist,” Creel said.

Creel says the footage only tells part of the story.

They hope the other surveillance video they gather from surrounding businesses will help determine who was behind the wheel.

“We are going to further our investigation to look at other cameras to see if we can get any more footage and also other aspects of the investigation to determine who was driving the vehicle,” Creel said.

The man hit, Jeffery Stiner, was transported to Erlanger Hospital.

Creel says he sustained severe injuries and has had his leg amputated.

He urges the driver of the truck to do the right thing, and come forward.

"Tell your side of the story. The longer we have to investigate, the more serious this becomes, the more attention it garners. I would just hope they would do the correct thing, the right thing,” Creel said.

Call the East Ridge Police Department if you have any information about the case.