As we embrace the new year of 2020, looking back at the previous year of 2019 is inevitable.

Former Chattanooga Police Department Lt. Austin Garrett, now Chief Deputy at the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, was featured again on NBC's TODAY Show Wednesday morning, in a segment titled 'Morning Boost,' which highlights uplifting and emotional stories.

Wednesday's installment, called 'The Boostie Awards,' ended with the touching moment when Garrett signed off via radio back in February of 2019, which Channel 3 reported on when it happened.

Garrett signed off after 25 years with the Chattanooga Police Department as his daughter Haley was working as a dispatcher.

The communique was professional (as you might expect) until Haley ends it, saying 'I love you, Daddy.'

That won the 'Most Tissues Needed' award for the day.

We couldn't agree more!