Wednesday is the first day of a new year and a new decade.

There are so many memories ahead in 2020.

Before we said goodbye to 2019, Channel 3 wanted to know the best memories you made this year.

Some started on beautiful new adventures.

Kyle and Anna Anderson said their best memory was their son being born. He’s now 8 months old.

Others marked another step in a life well-lived.

“Well, I'm going to go way out there, being married for 43 years,” Cindy Gilmore’s husband said.

Some of you accomplished your goals and hit major milestones.

"I cycled 203 miles in a day in June, so that's something to remember,” one man told us.

Another couple celebrated being closer to graduating.

Journeys to new places taught valuable lessons.

"In England, a biscuit is a cookie, and here a biscuit is a scone, we call it a scone. And then you have it with gravy and we're like 'what?’” a visitor from South Africa said.

Even the hard times made good memories even sweeter.

"Making it through 2019, I've been in the hospital a lot. And then being down here with my family,” one woman said.

2019 may be over, but the adventure continues in 2020. The Andersons said they’re looking forward to more trips in the new year. This time, as a group of three, instead of two.

New moments, new journeys and new adventures all start from day one. That’s the great thing about starting a new year. You get a clean slate, ready for making new memories.