While thousands are expected to be celebrating the New Year in downtown Chattanooga, one local ride fare service is giving free rides to make sure everyone is safe.

Chattywagon plans to have three of their wagons at West Village's New Year’s party; taking people to every restaurant, bar, party, and even home for those who live nearby.

"They can go from their house to the entertainment. To help celebrate New Year’s Eve. We will take them right back to their hotel, apartment, whatever they are living in,” Operations Director Alex Tyler said.

Tyler says New Year’s Eve is arguably their busiest day of the year.

They'll be out until 1:00 a.m. giving free rides; making sure everyone in downtown rings in 2020 safely.

"We really just want to provide a service and safe option for everybody. Going from NorthShore to South side, big party and what at the West Village. Just getting people around town safely,” Tyler said.

Many people are expected to drink alcohol on New Year’s, which is why Tyler is encouraging people to take ride fare services.

"These alternative services like Lyft, Uber, getting a taxi, is one of the really good strategies for people to mitigate those risks,” Tyler said.

Tyler says getting around town on foot can be difficult on New Year’s.

He encourages everyone out and about to have a game plan because anything can happen.

"If you are going to go out and have a lot to drink with your friends, maybe talk to your friend group and decide who is going to be that designated driver or who is going to be that sober person,” Tyler said.

He says his drivers aim to give everyone a safe and joyful new years’ experience.  

"I mean, we are local. We are a free option, we will keep you right in the downtown area. I think it's more trustworthy that way,” Tyler said.

Because getting around town and home safely is what they are striving to do.

"But we really love what we do. Just providing a good service downtown,” Tyler said.

Tyler says you can catch a ride with Chattywagon by downloading the app. It’s free for both iPhone and Android.