HARRISBURG, PA – (WGAL) – Many cultures around the world mark the start of the new year by eating specific foods to bring prosperity and good fortune. People with German ancestry follow this tradition by consuming sauerkraut. This practice is common in Pennsylvania, but one local store has a unique take on it, sauerkraut ice cream.

The Harrisburg ice cream shop, Urban Churn started selling sauerkraut ice cream to celebrate the new year in 2016.

Owner, Adam Brackbill, uses all-natural ingredients to create new flavors while using traditional methods so this flavor seemed like a natural fit, fusing a holiday tradition with a favorite treat.

Brackbill, says the vinegar, brine flavor of the sauerkraut combined with vanilla ice cream creates an almost buttermilk-rich, tangy flavor- that highlights the vanilla with bits of the sauerkraut. He adds those who have ventured a taste were pleasantly surprised.

This year the flavor returns for only two weeks.