The mother of Bob Jay Cole spoke in defense of her son after he was charged for dumping his wife's body in a field, near Lafayette, after she overdosed on meth.

This comes after he was released from prison in August 2018, where he served 28 years for murder. 

The mother, Carolyn Wells, says she has been quiet for the last 29 years and wants to share what she believes to be true. She says her son was at work when his wife, Britney Parker, was last seen. Wells does not believe her son is not responsible for covering up her death.

"He never did anything but hug and love her,” Wells shared.

Britany Nicole Parker was found lying in a field off Old Mineral Springs Road near Lafayette on June 18th.

Thursday, police charged Bob Jay Cole with concealing the death of his wife. His mother says Cole had nothing to do with that.

"My son was at work. Nowhere around the day she left,” Wells said.

According to Wells, Parker was last seen leaving Well's house with her uncle and friend on June 16th. Her body was found two days later.

Wells says Parker had a history of walking out on her son, so Cole didn't think anything of it when his wife was gone for two days.

Wells told us, "Brittany had left Bob again approximately the eighth time. Britany wasn't even living at our home at the time of her death. Five people including myself and my friend was at the house the day Britany was messed up and begged I mean cried and begged her not to leave the shape she was in."

Police say autopsy results show she overdosed on meth.

Blood tests show the bloodstain they found in the back of Cole's car belonged to his wife.

Wells does not believe that proves her son is guilty.

"They say they found blood in it, but they're going to have to prove that because my son and his wife even told her grandmother that they went to the park and had sex,” Wells said.

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Police say Cole sold the car the day after his wife's body was found. Wells says he sold the car before he knew she was dead.

"He thought Britany would come back to him if he went and got a better car,” Wells told us.

Cole is currently incarcerated on a parole violation. When he is released, he'll begin the court process in Walker County.