Blood Assurance in Chattanooga is in critical need of donors after a trauma Thursday afternoon drained some of their resources. 

The need for blood donors remains high year-round, but even more so in the month of December. Yet, a small number of people are coming in to give, according to Blood Assurance. 

"We have plenty of spots open right now, unfortunately," said Executive Director of Community Relations Jay Baumgardner. 

Baumgardner says they run low on blood supply each year around this time because donors give less around Christmas.

"When you think about holidays, most people don't wake up and think about donating blood," Baumgardner told Channel 3. '

The process from the time you sign in until the needle leaves your arm is about 30 minutes. Baumgardner says a half-hour can make all the difference. 

"That will save three peoples lives in about three days so you have the opportunity to save lives right here for your local hospitals and your local community," said Baumgardner. 

A motorcycle accident Thursday afternoon further exhausted their supply. The patient used 70 pints of blood products in a single day. 

"That can almost wipe out one blood type," Baumgardner told Channel 3. 

Blood Assurance says traumas like this make it hard this time of year to keep the shelves from being empty. One patient is doing his part to make sure that does not happen. 

"Anytime you can help someone else it makes you feel good," said David Watson, donor. 
Watson considers himself a regular donor. He says the 30 minutes out of his day is nothing compared to the lives that are saved. 
"It's something I need to do and at the same time it helps someone else at the same time so it's a win-win for everyone," said Watson. 
In an effort to get more people in to donate, if you give between now and January 4, 2020, Blood Assurance says you could win a trip to Las Vegas.