McKamey Animal Center held another "Fursday," where dogs and cats are available for low prices.

Dogs are $25 and cats are $5.

Misty Owensby with McKamey says all pets are up to date on their shots, parasite prevented, spayed and neutered, and are micro-chipped.

She says it’s part of their process to make sure all pets are ready for adoption.

"Because it does have all of these things that we have ensured toward its health and care,” Owensby said.

She says all the vaccinations can be expensive.

Depending on their size, it can cost between $200 to $300 dollars per animal.

With more than 400 pets in house, it ends up costing thousands.

But Owensby says they are able to cover those fees from grants they've applied for and donations they get from the public every day.

"Whether its food or money or just dog houses and things like that we get in all day every day,” Owensby said.

She says seeing how excited the animals get when people come in is one of the best feelings in the world.

"That's my favorite part of this position that I have is saying bye to them as they go out the door and knowing they are getting a home and future,” Owensby said.

Owensby says finding a new home for a cat or dog is worth every penny.

"The smile on their faces, the hugs, the waging tails and all of that, which is the big ultimate reward,” Owensby said.

People can still adopt pets with McKamey online at