A North Georgia World War II veteran turned 100-years-old on Christmas Day. Retired US Army Sgt. Paul Comstock's daughter Vicki Works stood next to him as he blew out his candles.

"His mother always said that he was her best Christmas present," said Works.

Comstock was just over 20 years old when he went to fight in World War II. 

"He and my mother had been married for three months and he was taken away and he was gone for four years and he couldn't even tell her where he was in letters because they would cut that out of the letters," said Works.

He was in charge of distributing food rations when he was in service, he remembered those years as difficult. 

"I spent days and night there in the camp, trying to take care of as much as I could," said Comstock. 

Comstock says he was ready to come home long before the war was over. 

"Oh by all means, I was ready long before they got ready," said Comstock. 

Works says they've always spent his birthday with him, and she wanted to give the man who gave her so much a special day. 

"I always said one thing growing up that there was one thing I knew, no matter what happened I knew that I was loved," said Works. "He's always been there for us and we've tried to be there for him."

Some advice Comstock gave to have a nice long life like his, is to love the Lord and your family.