Homicide investigators in Chattanooga remain busy trying to figure out who shot up a house over the weekend, hurting an 11-year-old boy inside.

Not only are they trying to figure out who but they are also trying to answer the question of why?

Crime scene tape, bullet holes and what appears to be blood can be seen outside the home on Usher Drive where the boy was shot.

A visibly upset police chief addressed the media on Sunday outside the boy's hospital room.

"Some individuals stood on Usher Drive and felt the need to shoot bullets into a house. One of those bullets struck an 11-year-old child," Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy said. "There's an 11-year-old child, who a few days from now, should have been playing with their Christmas gifts. And they won't be. They will be in this building still continuing to fight to improve their conditions."

Neighbors on Usher Drive tell Channel 3, they heard six or seven gunshots the night it happened. They declined to go on camera but did say they have no idea why someone would want to shoot at that particular home.

That's what police are trying to figure out too.

Data from Chattanooga police show this is the only shooting they've investigated on Usher Drive since 2013.

Regardless of the number, Roddy said it's one too many.

"If you did it, if you had anything to do with it, turn yourself in," he added.

If you have any information that can help police, please call 423-698-2525.

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