While the impeachment hearings against President Trump consumed several hours of lawmakers' time last week, it wasn't the only item on the agenda. 

The day before the impeachment, the U.S. Senate passed a $1.4 trillion spending bill.

The bill would boost funding for several projects including the Chickamauga Lock.

The lock has been under construction since 2007.

If President Trump signs the bill, it would mean record funding for the Army Corps of Engineers, including up to $94.5 million to continue to the construction of the dam. 

The lock, which is crumbling, was originally built in 1940.

Sen. Lamar Alexander has pushed for a sixth consecutive year of funding for the construction of the new Chickamauga Lock.

In a press release Thursday, Sen. Alexander said "This is great news for East Tennessee since the new lock will help keep up to 150,000 trucks off I-75 and keep the cost of shipping goods low for manufacturers across the state."