Ho-ho-ho! It's the Duke of Sussex — dressed as Santa Claus.

Prince Harry put on Santa's red uniform, hat and beard to deliver a special Christmas video message for the children attending a Christmas party thrown by Scotty's Little Soldiers. The British charity works with bereaved children who lost parents serving in the British Forces.

Harry opened the video with a hearty "ho-ho-ho" before sharing a sweet one-minute message with the kids. While Harry wasn't at their party earlier this month, which took place on a boat on the River Thames in London, the video message was played, much to the delight of the children.

"I know how incredibly strong you are. Yes, losing a parent is incredibly hard, but I know that every single one of you, by helping each other out, you will have an amazing future ahead of you and you're going to have a fantastic Christmas as well," he said. "Your parents, they will never be forgotten and you will never be forgotten."

He also encouraged the kids to have a jolly good time.

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