The Saturday before Christmas, dubbed "Super Saturday," is one of the busiest days of the year for shopping. Christmas is a few days away and lots of people are still making some last-minute gift purchases.

Channel 3 went to check out some local shopping centers and the traffic was hectic. Navigating through the parking lot was a task in itself.

Shopper Barbara Lahr said "I'm doing my last minute shopping, getting it done, it's crazy out here."

For some, Christmas shopping is like a full-time job.

"Yesterday we started at 9 o'clock and we didn't get home till 5,” Lahr told us, "Today's another day of it, it's all over again."

Others have just put their holiday shopping off.

"I guess it's just a procrastination thing and you just get busy and you have to do it last minute,” another shopper told us.

Either way, last-minute shopping could pay off for you.

Sara Skirboll with said, "Because it's a shorter holiday shopping season that means that retailers are clammering for shopper's business and every single day counts, so if you don't see a deal today, make sure to check back tomorrow."

That is, if you can handle the traffic.

Johnnie Loben, a shopper who loves the holiday season, said, "It's busy. Busy, busy, busy! I never could drive down here,” and employees at a retail store said, "This parking lot out here is not this full at all. I know we've had a couple people show up and they've had to park way down there."

For some, it's all worth it to get the perfect gift.

"Really getting down to hunting, hunting for the kids of what they've asked me to do. They've made a Christmas list and I love to go through and look for it,” Loben shared.

After all, it is the season of giving.

"I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas and I love all this. I love Christmas, it's my favorite time of the year,” Loben told us.

More than half of holiday shoppers plan to buy their gifts this week.