A group of Shriners Clowns in Chattanooga are trying something new. They're hitting the streets to raise money for their hospitals this holiday season.

You can't miss the ALHAMBRA Clown Unit. Shriner Perry Perkins says they're even easier to spot at intersections and street corners.

"You see this fez, you know you're donating to Shriners Hospitals. We'll be out on the streets in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, all this area around Chattanooga raising money for our Shriners Hospital,” Perkins said.

The small group of about a dozen clowns took on a big task, raising $30,000 for Shriner Hospitals by the end of the year.

"It's up to the local Shriners to raise money for those hospitals to maintain them,” Perkins said.

That's why they've widened their reach, taking donations while people are on the go.

"I like donating to them because they're a great organization looking out for America’s children and helping not just children but families,” donor Michael Halleron said.

Every dollar makes a difference to a Shriners Hospital child.

"With prosthetics, they've helped children with burn issues, they've helped children with scoliosis, spina bifida. A lot of different things like that we take care of at the Shriners Hospitals,” Perkins said.

He says the purpose is as clear as that bright red fez. When you see a Shriner this holiday, pump the breaks to help a child in need.

The ALHAMBRA Shriners plan to present a check at the Lexington hospital in January. So far they've raised about $18,000.