The Austin Hatcher Foundation in Chattanooga received an early Christmas present this year: a brand new Roxor 4x4 truck.

North American manufacturer Mahindra donated the truck for the foundation to use in its Industrial Arts program. 

"It's something that you can take four-wheeling, you can take it mudding, they're [the kids] are going to love it," said Amy Jo Osborn, president of the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

The gift comes after two of the vehicles customized by the foundation's pediatric cancer patients were stolen and vandalized in October.

"We were pretty shocked and to have someone step up, hear about this, and want to give back, we're incredibly grateful," Osborn said.

While the foundation's mission is to lessen the effects of pediatric cancer for kids and their families through these building activities, Mihandra management says the simplicity of the 1947-style ATV is the perfect canvas. 

"It's a very buildable, customizable, platform and so we think it fits in really well with the kind f work that the Austin Hatcher folks are going to do with it," said Rich Ansell, vice president of marketing.

"it makes it easy for kids to get their hands in there. It makes it really simple to explain what's going on with the different components and things. So it's really great for upfitting, for customizing, it's kind of a blank canvas."

While keeping families together and enhancing the children's quality of life always remains at the hood of their own mission, the Austin Hatcher Foundation said they cannot wait for the kids to start their engines.

"If it's through a vehicle that catches the attention of someone, we'll take it because we are here for them and we love what we're doing," Osborn said.

The foundation plans to auction off the vehicle once it is fully upfitted in 2020 to help support more of its programs.

Mahindra engineers and designers will come to Chattanooga to get involved with the kids and their families and help train them on the vehicle itself.