Tires, metal, and even a garbage can made up the debris that Ivy Academy students cleaned up on Monday morning. 

Freshman Isabella Pizzuto and Senior Weston Braddock participated in the cleanup efforts Monday. 

"We were picking up trash, mostly tires that were stuck in the mud," said Pizzuto. 

"We found, of course, tires and pieces of a lawnmower and a garbage can," said Braddock. 

Soddy-Daisy Mayor Gene Shipley invited the students to come and help clean up the area. 

One teacher said the pick up was a bigger job than usual because the flooding earlier this year most likely carried larger debris into the lake. 

Sophomore Alex Griffith who goes to church nearby the lake says their basketball goal went missing during the flood, and he thinks he may have found it during clean up today. 

"Well were like the basketball goal is gone and the pastor one Sunday made a joke that it's probably out in the lake somewhere," said Griffith. "Well we came out here today and we're cleaning up and we look out there, there's a basketball goal standing in the middle of the lake."

There's no way to tell if that's the same basketball goal that went missing, but Griffith says he thinks it is. 

Interesting finds aside, these students including junior Shah Khan says they were happy to serve the community. 

"I'm really thankful to Ivy and the mayor that they called upon us to do this, so I'm very happy about that.">
just try to keep things neat," said Khan.