The Signal Mountain Police Department is warning drivers to be more alert after a close call Monday morning. 

Police say a woman was speeding through the Nolan Elementary school zone when she nearly hit one of their officers. The department says lately more drivers seem to be on their phones and speeding through this school zone. 

"The lady whoever was driving just drove right past him, almost hit a car and almost hit an officer," said Officer Jennifer Sullivan with the Signal Mountain Police Department. 

SMPD posted a message to their Facebook page Monday morning after a blonde woman in a white SUV almost hit one of their officers during morning drop off. 

They are hoping to identify the driver. 

"It's scary. We are out there to protect children, to protect parents, to make sure there are no accidents and if somebody hits us and we become the accident-- we are not able to help other people," Sullivan told Channel 3. 

This comes just weeks after the same department posted about several close calls between distracted drivers and officers directing traffic. 

Now the police department is considering adding technology to the intersection with hopes of catching these careless drivers. 

"We're actually looking at adding cameras to this area which would help us to have an extra set of eyes," said Sullivan. 

She says it's a simple fix. 

"All you've got to do is go the speed limit, stay off your phone, and pay attention," Sullivan told Channel 3. 

If caught, the driver faces reckless driving and reckless endangerment charges. 

If you know who the driver might be you're asked to call the Signal Mountain Police Department at (423) 886-2123