We've been following the journey of a Chickamauga boy who's had 13 brain surgeries since April.

Seven-year-old Miles Doolittle was adopted from China in July of last year. He suffers from cerebral palsy and several other severe health problems.           

The community continues to show up for his family in their time of need. Recently, we shared a story about a local coffee shop raising funds to buy him Christmas presents.

The latest community event was a benefit Christmas concert at the Dooliltte's church in Flintstone, and it was dedicated to Miles.

It's the season of giving.

Brian Carroll, a pastor at Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church, spoke with Channel 3 and told us, "We have a little presentation during the musical, during the program, and at the end of the service we'll actually encourage folks to give a financial contribution to the family."

Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church has stepped up in a big way for the Doolittle’s. They hosted this benefit concert on both Saturday and Sunday night sharing Miles' story and collecting donations.

"It's going to be able to be sent straight to them to help cover their medical bills, their mortgage, uber rides, and all those things,” Carroll tells us.

Miles Doolittle’s parents have been back and forth from Chicago where their son is receiving treatments.

It's been hard on them, but Brian Carroll tells us their relationship with Christ has kept them strong.

"They've looked at every step of this as an opportunity to share the story of what God's done and God's call on their life to adopt,” Carroll said.

Their faithfulness to seek God through it all is inspiring other church members.

Carroll told us, "There's almost a rallying cry. You can truly see how them going through this has really been a unifying force in our church, and it's been encouraging to see the church really come together to support them."

Miles' mom, Jessica Doolittle, says they couldn't have made it this far without the community. His grandfather, Gary Bloodworth agreed.

"She really is in disbelief that she has so much support, and they are both just so thankful,” Bloodworth shared with us.

Miles' family is in Chicago right now, but the mom shared with us over the phone that Miles is making progress and walked for the first time since November 6th. They anticipate Miles being there for at least six more weeks.