The Battle of the Bells for the Salvation Army has wrapped up another successful year, it gives people in the area who are less fortunate a better Christmas.

The Battle of the Bells brought more than money to those who need it. Brianne Simon says it brought the Christmas spirit.

"It's not always about the gifts. But it's about the gift that you give in giving the gift. And that shows that you care about people. And that they matter. And that they deserve to have a good Christmas too,” Simon said.

Spencer Holt says any kind of donation can change someone's life.

"It's unbelievable. It's so sad to see the amount of people that are in so much need. I feel like if people can contribute to more stuff like this, I feel like it would be a huge help for our area,” Holt said.

Tyler Span donated a couple dollars and says he used to volunteer with the Salvation Army.

Span was happy to know how generous the Tennessee Valley really is.

"There is still a lot of good people out here. There really is. It actually made me feel good about myself. And it makes me feel good about other people and how other people don't grow up and have that other stuff with them,” Span said.

Because giving back is what it's all about.

"If you can give, you should. It's a good opportunity to give to people in need. And you don't need to have more than others. Give out of your excess if you have it,” Simon said.

The Salvation Army also takes donations on its website.