Larry Patterson was scouting out a hunting site off Lower Mill Road in Hixson Wednesday when he found a man lying in the grass pleading for help.
Patterson hunts all the time and never goes to this particular site to hunt. It's bow only, so it's not what he prefers. He was driving down the road Wednesday night and felt called to pull over and scout out the site to hunt the following day. He didn't realize it would end up saving another man's life.

Patterson said, "Something just told me to come over here. I don't know if it was my instincts or what. But, I drove down the road and said I'm going to pull in here. I don't know something led me here. I guess it was him that led me here. It was just fate. I don't know."

He parked his car and never expected what was coming next.

"I stepped over this gate and there's a cable right here,” Patterson said, "And as soon as I stepped over the gate, I just looked around for deer because I was going to hunt Thursday morning and I seen a man laying there."

The man couldn't speak but was reaching his hand out for help.

"I've never seen nothing like that. I mean I was...I've cried for two days cause it's really, it's really bothered me,” Patterson shared.

Patterson took off in his direction. He saw how badly the man was hurt and immediately dialed 911, but ran into a problem.

"A truck with a gentleman, I can't remember his name. He stopped and I said can you please tell me the name of this road? I was so devastated I couldn't remember the name of this road,” Patterson said.

The victim was taken to the hospital shortly after. Patterson has stayed in contact with the family of the man who was shot.

Patterson said, "He's actually doing a full recovery, he's had a couple surgeries. But, he's got movement of his legs and his hands, but he can't talk, but he's doing thumbs up."

Patterson says the family is thankful for what happened.

"They can't even tell me how grateful, they just said you're just an angel, you're a blessing and you'll always be a part of this family,” Patterson told Channel 3.

Patterson had no plans to be there that night but is thankful he was able to save the man's life.