There are several recent examples of hackers speaking through people's home security systems. The most recent out of Memphis, where a stranger is recorded speaking to an 8-year-old girl. 

"Who is that?" asked the girl.

"I'm your best friend," said the stranger.

The very thing that's supposed to make these families feel safer, provided a looking glass for hackers. 

Ring commented that they were investigating the incident that took place in Memphis, but it was not a breach of their security. 

"So more than likely it was some kind of a phishing or hacking program that got the passwords to be able to log in to these people's account," said Dan Jarnigan. 

Jarnigan the Vice President of Operations at Turner Security says a lot of people use the same password for everything making them extremely vulnerable. 

"You want to make that thing as random as possible." said Jarnigan. "You don't want to use birth dates or you know your cat's name."

On top of a strong password, Jarnigan recommends changing it every 30 to 60 days. He also says if there is an option for multi-step authentication, use it. 

"You need multifunction verification, a lot of products today, like ours have multifunction verification," said Jarnigan. 

Another factor when protecting yourself from hackers is reading the fine print because sometimes companies can share your information with third parties. 

"A lot of the products that you're seeing on the do it yourself market some of them are not big names, some people are just going on and getting the cheapest thing that you can find and you really don't know what back doors are in those things," said Jarnigan.