Two Notre Dame High School teachers in Chattanooga became viral for their entries in a Christmas door decorating contest.

Valerie Silva and Bonnie Townsend have been teaching in their classrooms right next to each other for several years.

"We're good friends and we're good rivalries with each other so that's why this door is kind of funny because we do have little rivalries about who does what better so I'm saying Joyeaux Noel and she's saying Feliz Navidad," Townsend said.

The teachers decided to use their subjects French and Spanish to decorate their doors, getting inspiration from a meme that went viral over the summer that shows a screen capture of a woman from the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills screaming at a cat.

The picture, the teachers posted, has been shared more than 70,000 times on Facebook and liked and shared on several other platforms.

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"Were thinking of like just keeping them up all year and just changing the captions depending on the season so we're already thinking ahead for what they are going to be saying the rest of the year," Silva said.

Although Silva and Townsend did not claim the winning title of the door decorating contest, they said they are glad to bring in some good publicity for their school.

"I'm so glad that we went viral for doing something funny and not something offensive or stupid,” Silva said.

"We're just happy to wish everybody a Merry Christmas in lots of languages. Yes. FELIZ Navidad. Joyeux Noel," they both continued.

The photo also reached nearly 100,000 people on Reddit.