A scam is making its way around the Tennessee Valley targeting First Horizon Bank customers. 

Scammers are sending a text, pretending to be from the bank and are asking customers if they recently made a purchase. Once the customer replies to the text, a scammer gives them a call to try and get all their information. 

The scary thing is, scammers are using the bank's customer service number to pull it off. 

"When I first heard about it I was completely shocked," said Chantel Pitts, a financial service representative with First Horizon Bank. 

Pitts says con artists are trying to cheat their customers out of money. 

"I actually just dealt with a customer who has gotten that text message and he was showing us that message and I was like that's not us," Pitts told Channel 3. 

Their website is urging people to beware. Scammers are trying to convince their clients to hand over information, passwords, and in some cases, passcodes that can enable takeover of the customer's account.

"We would never send a text message asking you to confirm or send your sensitive information over a text message," said Pitts. 

Channel 3 spoke to the Better Business Bureau President Jim Winsett says scammers are working overtime this month.

"During the holiday season this type of activity is always much more active," said Winsett. 

With many shoppers making more purchases than usual for Christmas, it's easy to get distracted. 

"Always be aware that a financial institution would not contact you to ask any personal information," Winsett told Channel 3. 

If you get a suspicious text or phone call, the bank suggests hanging up and calling the customer service number on your card. 

To report a scam, visit BBB.org/scamtracker.