UPDATE: A north Georgia man is behind bars after he exposed himself to several children last month in Whitfield County.

Thomas J. Wooten faces charges of child molestation, indecent exposure and enticing a child.

Sheriff Scott Chitwood says parents need to be aware of what's going on in their neighborhoods.

"Parents need to be parents. They need to keep a watch on their child and unfortunately, the way the world is today, if a suspicious vehicle comes into your neighborhood or you see them slowing down or see them stopping at the mailbox or hollering at children, you know, that should wave some flags,” Chitwood said.

The investigation caught the attention of law enforcement throughout Georgia and Tennessee.

"Calhoun PD had put out a North Georgia lookout, then Chattanooga PD picked up on the lookout. Then we learned they had a very similar incident report back in 2018,” Chitwood said.

Wooten has a history and is a registered sex offender.

He was arrested in Chattanooga in 2018 after he exposed himself to another child at a local park, and attempted to lure that child inside his vehicle.

Witnesses in this recent case noticed he drove a 2009 black Chevrolet truck.

Authorities spotted the truck in Huntsville, Alabama where he was later arrested.

"But it's the ones that have not been caught yet that are still out there on the street that are still doing the same thing,” Chitwood said.

Chitwood says team work with law enforcement and the people will keep children safe.

"Work with each other. Know your neighborhood. Know where your children are going. Whether it's a child or an adult, these are still serious charges. But often times, it's really offensive when it's involving a child,” Chitwood said.

Wooten’s court date has not been set.

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ORIGINAL STORY: A Dade County man was arrested on December 6 for exposing himself to children multiple times.

0The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office says they started an investigation into an incident involving a white male named that exposed himself to children at a location on Cavender Road.

According to a witness, the suspect was driving a black Chevrolet Z71 truck.

WCSO later discovered that the Calhoun Police Department was also investigating multiple incidents of a white male exposing himself to children. The suspect's vehicle was also described as a black Chevrolet Z71 truck.

WCSO also discovered that a man named Thomas J. Wooten was the subject of an investigation in Chattanooga. Wooten allegedly exposed himself to a child at Caruthers Park and tried to lure the child into his vehicle, a black Chevrolet Z71 truck, using toys. Wooten was charged by Chattanooga PD for indecent exposure and was out of jail on bond on that charge.

Wooten was discovered to be a registered sex offender in Dade County. Investigators confirmed that the black Chevrolet Z71 truck was Wooten's vehicle.

WCSO, the Dade County Sheriff's Office and Calhoun PD executed a search warrant at Wooten's residence in Dade County.

Wooten was arrested in Huntsville, Alabama on December 6 on charges of child molestation, indecent exposure and enticing a child.