With the winter weather hitting the Tennessee Valley, drivers say they are concerned about road conditions in the early morning.

Carlos Lopez says he is worried about his safety and everyone else on the road.

"It's bad, you know. And like I said, everybody take care of everybody. And be very careful,” Lopez said.

Some drivers say going up and down Monteagle was dangerous.

Truck driver Skylar Human says wintry mix was hard to navigate through.

"I (had) just got off the mountain over there off Jasper highlands and it was pretty crazy. I really didn't want to get the truck too fast because it would start sliding and I could barely see out of the windshields,” Human said.

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Human is a driver for JB Millworks out of Ringgold, Georgia.

He says when sleet and snow first hit the ground, roads are harder to drive on.

"It's cause the oils (from the ground) come up and the roads are just starting to get wet. Because people don't give themselves the right amount of room. Obviously if there is snow, it could freeze over. So, it doesn't matter what kind of tires you have, once you hit ice it just goes,” Human said.

Snow covered Monteagle and other parts of the Tennessee Valley.

Temperatures are expected to drop in the 20’s on the mountains.

Drivers should use caution when they hit the road.

"Just be careful out there. People don't watch out, so you're just going to have to watch for them,” Human said.

TDOT crews monitored roads during Tuesday’s wintry mix and will see how road conditions are throughout the night and early Wednesday morning.