The Hamilton County Courthouse decorated its tree a little differently this year. 

It's called a 'Pro Bono' tree and it's aimed at helping lower-income families this holiday season. 

"We have a client in Meigs county who wants to adopt her niece's child. An adoption this time of year would be a wonderful thing to get started," said Circuit Court Judge Marie Williams. 

The ornaments are legal cases printed on cards that are hung on the tree. 

"Each of them represents the need of a person in this community who is unable to afford legal services," Williams said. 

Lawyers can pick a case off the tree and take it on for free. 

"Lawyers give back. People may not believe that, but lawyers give back all the time," Williams told Channel 3. 

Some of the cases displayed include a father who needs help with his mentally ill son, a Chattanoogan who needs the voice of a lawyer, and an elderly neighbor looking for a gift that can't be found under the tree. 

"This is more valuable than material goods," said Williams. 

The Pro Bono coordinator who came up with the great idea says this is what Christmas is all about. 

"It's a great time to bring more attention to it and hopefully that spirit can carry throughout the rest of the year into the next season," said Robyne Lopez the pro bono coordinator.

The tree will be up for the month of December and although many of these cases will not be resolved by Christmas, the Hamilton County Courthouse hopes it gets the ball rolling.