There is a new Miss Universe!

Sunday night, it came down to Miss Puerto Rico and Miss South Africa.

The audience erupted when Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe 2019.

Madison Anderson, Miss Puerto Rico, was the runner up, Miss Mexico, Sofia Aragon came in third.

The competition was hosted at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

It wouldn't be a Miss Universe Pagent without a little Steve Harvey drama. 

Harvey suffered another mishap in the competition as he accidentally introduced the wrong contestant when announcing the national costume contest winner.

A shot of the winning outfit from Miss Philipines was shown on screen, but the woman standing next to Harvey was not that winner.

Instead, it was Miss Malaysia Shweta Sekon. When he introduced her as Miss Philippines, she grabbed the mic from Harvey and corrected him.

Harvey said he read what was in his teleprompter and addressed the show's producers, saying "y'all got to quit doing this to me."

You might remember in 2015, Harvey accidentally announced the wrong winner during that Miss Universe Pagent.