A coffee shop in Chickamauga is helping a 7-year-old boy with severe health problems have a merry Christmas. Miles Doolittle was adopted from China in 2018. Since April of this year, he's had twelve surgeries. Last week, he was moved to Chicago for his latest treatments.

The owner of The Grind Coffee Shop originally had a plan for her customers to write greeting cards to send to Miles for Christmas, but the effort to help this family has taken off. They are now selling baked goods and using the money to go Christmas shopping for him.

Ashlea Bajner, the owner of the coffee shop, said, "I remember when they were originally considering adopting and she stopped by and I've just kind of been following their journey."

Bajner says her community is tight-knit. She became friends with Miles Doolittle's mom through the coffee shop.

The Doolittle's adopted Miles in July 2018 and were unaware of his health problems until they arrived in China. Miles has intractable epilepsy, spastic cerebral palsy, left eye blindness, hydrocephalus, and left-side hemiparesis. He's had 12 brain surgeries in the last eight months.

Bajner felt called to help out and started a chain called "Prayers for Miles."

It started out simple.

"Wanted to collect as many greeting cards as possible. I wanted to get as many prayers or you know just well wishes,” Bajner told us.

The plan was to surprise the family with all the cards at the hospital, but Bajner felt like there was more she could do.

"The money that we're raising for Miles from selling cookies and cupcakes, we're going to buy all the Christmas presents,” Bajner explained to us.

The cookies and cupcakes are blue because that's Miles's favorite color. Sales started Monday and go through Friday. Then, they will go shopping to send gifts up to Chicago for Christmas where Miles is currently getting treatment.

"Everybody has been unbelievably supportive and I'll be honest, I never expected any of this. I just wanted to do something nice,” Bajner told us.

You can still stop by all day on Friday if you would like to help out and buy a cookie or cupcake or even write a note to let miles know you are thinking about him.