Dalton Police need the public’s help finding three scammers who reportedly took $1500 from a 77-year-old man, claiming they needed the money to collect their lottery winnings.

Bruce Frazier with the Dalton Police Department says this type of scam usually happens to young people or the elderly and anyone who does this needs to be behind bars.

"There is really something really kind of sinister picking on old folks. Really kind of galling when you have somebody that is an old man that gets ripped off in this way. Because you are talking about $1500 dollars. That's a significant amount of money for anybody, but especially an old man,” Frazier said.

These scammers told the man outside of a Neighborhood Walmart they needed help.

Frazier says you don’t need money to collect lottery winnings.  

"If you win the lottery, congratulations. You've won the lottery. You need to give anybody money to collect your winnings. That's obviously bogus,” Frazier said.

The man agreed to help as long as he got a cut, so he went to his bank at Wells Fargo where he withdrew $1000, but the two women said they needed $2,000.

So he then drove to Bank of America and got $500 out, then he went to his home to collect the rest and they told him to meet at the post office on Thorton Avenue.

And when he returned, they were gone with the $1500 that was in his glove compartment.

"If you are being told that you have to give somebody money to get money, then there is a problem. And that should set off an alarm in your head,” Frazier said.

Frazier says the victim was Hispanic and couldn't speak fluent English and worries these scammers could go for more.

"But the fact that they obviously seem to be targeting Spanish speakers, it's possible that they may have tried this more than once,” Frazier said.

He says this type of scam usually happens online or over the phone because it's harder to track a scammer and collect the stolen money, which makes this incident a rare case.

But he is confident Dalton Police will catch them.

"In this case, we've got this in person, we've got pictures of these folks, and we can get them in custody if we can get some help from the community,” Frazier said.

Call Dalton Police at (706) 278-9085 if you have any information.