***WARNING: This story contains graphic accounts of an inmate execution that some may find disturbing.*** 

UPDATE: Lee Hall, a local man who was convicted of a 1991 murder, has been executed Thursday night at a Nashville prison.


3:58PM (CST) -- Lee Hall was served his last meal. Hall chose a Philly cheesesteak, two orders of onion rings, a slice of cheesecake and a Pepsi.

6:18PM (EST) -- The U.S. Supreme Court denies Lee Hall's request for a stay of execution.

7:15PM (CST) -- Lee Hall's last words: "People can learn forgiveness and love to make the world a better place."

7:18PM (CST) -- A media witness says the Warden unlocked a box, plugged in a cord, and the execution of Hall begins. Some witnesses describe smoke coming from Lee's head during the first round of voltage and his body clinch during a second round of voltage.

7:23PM (CST) -- Witnesses say the curtains were closed and all sounds stopped.

7:26PM (CST) -- Lee Hall was pronounced dead. All witnesses are asked to leave the facility.

7:30PM (CST) -- Staci Crozier, the sister of the woman Hall was convicted of murdering, speaks on behalf of her family and friends, saying they finally have closure after almost 30 years.

8:20PM (CST) -- The press conference held by the victim's family and media witnesses ends.


Lee Hall was found guilty in 1992 of the murder of Traci Crozier, his estranged girlfriend.

A jury convicted Hall of first-degree premeditated murder and arson.

Hall was given the death sentence and has since spent 28 years on death row at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution.

Hall was originally scheduled to be put to death in 1998 but that execution was delayed. A second date for Hall's death was scheduled in 2016 but was delayed due to legal issues surrounding the use of lethal injection in executions.

Hall was eventually scheduled to be executed on December 5, 2019.

Hall's attorneys attempted to delay his death during a hearing in Hamilton County in November.

Judge Don Poole denied Hall's request for a stay of execution, saying the decision was up to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

On December 3, the Tennessee Supreme Court denied Hall's request for a stay of execution.

On December 4, Governor Bill Lee released a statement saying he would not intervene in this case. 

Also on December 4, the Tennessee Department of Correction announced that Hall had chosen his last meal.

Hall's was served his last meal today shortly before 4:00 p.m. CST.

Hall's execution is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. CST and will be carried out using the electric chair.

Channel 3 reporter Claudia Coco has been chosen to serve as a media witness to Hall's execution.

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