A string of car break-ins in one Harrison neighborhood has residents concerned the problem may only get worse.

Michael Palmieri is a firefighter in the area and says this is the fourth time this year people have broken into his vehicles.

"There attacks. And I want them to stop. I shouldn't have to come home after serving my community and have to worry about the safety of my family,” Palmieri said.

Palmieri was coming home Monday from a 24-hour shift.

His cameras caught a video of someone breaking into his wife's car.

"It's still an encroachment of my safety and my family and I really just want something to be done or this to be taken more seriously,” Palmieri said.

Nothing was taken from this incident, but he says it's happened before.

People have taken various items from his cars and his neighbors.

"Some money. Credit cards. Licenses. My neighbors have had firearms stolen. Jewelry and things like that,” Palmieri said.

They've even tried to break into his home.

"They are getting braver. They wore hoods in the beginning and they don't do that anymore.">

He’s filed four reports with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and given them the video of the people in the act.

"I worry that these things are continuing they are progressing. And that someone will get hurt. I don't want anyone to get hurt, I don't want my family to get hurt,” Palmieri said.

Even if he locks his doors on the regular, he feels the problem won't go away and wants to do everything he can to bring awareness to car break-ins throughout Hamilton County.

"The biggest concern is for the family. I don't want anything to escalate and for them to get more brazen with my family or anybody else’s,” Palmieri said.

If you have any information, call the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office at (423) 209-7000.