Tree trimming is underway in Chatsworth to make the city park the most festive place around. On Friday, they’ll celebrate the third annual Christmas in the Park.

The holiday festival promises lots of free fun and more than 100 decorated Christmas trees.

3 years ago, co-chairs Pam Bishop and Elizabeth Robinson wanted to help the community after retiring. They had no clue their simple plan for a free holiday event would take off.

"We had hoped for 10 trees and we had 30. Last year we hoped for 50 and we had 73. This year we hoped for a 100, and we have 110,” Bishop said.

Now, community groups sponsor dozens of trees for Christmas in the Park, decorating each one with a unique flair. The mayor even gets the city involved.

"We look for each year to add a significant theme for the park,” Mayor Tyson Haynes said. “We work on that by improving our electrical infrastructure to handle all this."

For Bishop, Christmas in the Park is about much more than trees and lights now.

"The feeling of community and the feeling that somebody cares about them. And that we want to come together as a community,” she said.

So when the Christmas lights come on in this small town, their pride in Chatsworth will glow a little brighter.

"We know a lot of each other, people,” Haynes said. “But again getting them all together, with a theme at Christmas time is a little more special."

If you want to see the trees lit, the main event is Friday at 5 pm. They’ll have lots of free food and drink, as well as music and a visit from Santa.

To top it all off, the trees don't just make Chatsworth beautiful, they make it better. When Christmas is over all of these trees will be placed in local lakes and ponds to enhance the fish population.