A volunteer firefighter who is still on medical leave after a climbing accident in May, reunited with the people who rescued him on Monday. 

As a first responder himself, Jordan Madrigal wanted to say thank you to the fellow first responders who saved his life.

He says if it weren’t for their bravery and quick action, he isn't sure where he would be right now.

"It's nice to meet them. Like actually walk in, because the last time they saw me I was in pretty rough shape,” Madrigal said.

Jordan and his brother Josiah were climbing at Sunset Rock. He has three years of climbing experience under his belt, but in that moment, he lost his grip and fell 30 feet.

"I don't have any memory of falling. I just remember waking up to what my brother told me what happened 45 seconds to a minute later,” Madrigal said.

He is still recovering from the injuries he received.

"So I broke my foot in two places. I have two steel pins in my foot now. I broke my tail bone. I broke three vertebrate (back), compression fractures, and I had a break here in my wrist. This is the scar I have from the surgery and now I have a titanium screw there,” Madrigal said.

Madrigal was in the hospital for 10 days and had multiple surgeries. He says he may never be 100% again, but he is making progress.

"Now instead of only being able to touch my index finger, I can now touch my middle finger. And to see this week by week. Being able to see that improvement,” Madrigal said.

Bob Lewis with Hamilton County rescue was one of the responders at Sunset Rock when this happened. He says reunions like this one are rare, and it’s a meeting they’ll never forget.

"I mean, this is going to go a long way and I know the team members appreciate it. And it's something for those who aren't here can provide feedback to them and say this is what happened. He came out and met with us. And it kind of gives them the good feeling of why they do this in the first place,” Lewis said.

Madrigal will forever be thankful.

"To actually walk in and shake their hand, you know, with my hand that was broken and stuff like that, it is really awesome,” Madrigal said.

Madrigal plans to climb again and even asked to volunteer with the rescue crews in the near future.