A Chattanooga man, convicted in a 2012 murder, will now spend more time in prison for the crime.

Tony Bigoms appeared in court on Monday.

A jury found him guilty of killing and dismembering Dana Wilkes' body earlier this year.

"She befriended you, Mr. Bigoms. And you.. it's hard to say.. She trusted you," Charles Frazier said inside the courtroom.

Frazier said the words to Tony Bigoms that his niece could not say.

"But you did the unthinkable in betraying that friendship and betraying that trust," he added.

Bigoms is serving life in prison for killing Dana and on Monday he was sentenced to four more years for dismembering her body.

Frazier spoke on behalf of Dana's family.

"You have claimed innocence but that charade of innocence, as far as I'm concerned, is finally over as you were convicted not once, but twice in this courtroom," he said.

Frazier and Dana's father were the only family members who traveled from out of town for Monday's sentencing.

"It was hard to look at him. I just don't see any remorse on his part," Frazier told Channel 3 after the hearing.

A jury convicted the 60-year-old after a retrial in September.

The first verdict was thrown out on technicalities, which is something Dana's father said was hard on the whole family and why he travels from Alabama for every court date.

"Really, her and I were a lot alike. We looked alike and everybody would tell me, she's just like you. And that's, that's tough," Dana's father Billy Crumley added.

Bigoms' attorney requested his client be moved to a special needs facility where he can receive treatment for lung cancer but Judge Barry Steelman held off on anything official, saying the Tennessee Department of Correction would assess his needs.

"Because with a life sentence, it's very important that he be in a very secure facility," Steelman added during the hearing.

Bigoms will be eligible for a parole hearing in 56 years. His attorney said they plan on appealing the verdict.

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