The Meigs County High School Football Team is just one win away from getting the chance to play for the gold!

"These seniors have made a run that has not been done before and not been done by many schools over a four year period," Meigs County head coach Jason Fitzgerald.

The Meigs County seniors have won 47 games and counting. To put it into context, they were only guaranteed 40 games in their career. They're preparing for their 53rd having won 90% of their games.

"Well they're a great class but it's not just the senior class that's part of this team. It's everybody, the coaches, even the fans, everybody's a part of this team. So, we can't take all the credit here, it's everybody," Meigs County defensive end/fullback Nolan Pendergrass said.

It's a mentality that has the Tigers one win from reaching the state title game for the first time since 1995.

"You know this group right here, we're a family, I think that's the biggest thing," said Meigs County running back Will Meadows.

It's one big family with an even bigger goal. Forty-seven wins speaks for itself, but the seniors, team, and the fans have only been focused on one win all season long: the next one. And the next one will send them to the promised land.

"They've just been focused every week. You know, our goal at the first of the year was to play 15 games and once we got to week eleven in the playoffs we had to take it one at a time. We had to get 11 to get 12, we had to get 12 to get thirteen, so on and so forth. We can't look ahead. We know to get to 15 we have got to win and that's where our sole focus has been," Fitzgerald said.