Black Friday used to come with a “shop ‘til you drop” attitude. Now, with online options and all week sales, many shoppers are skipping the hassle.

At Best Buy Friday morning, Justin Baughn was one of only a handful of shoppers.

"It's dead compared to previous years, not as crazy,” he said.

When the store opened at 8 Friday morning, only 50 or so shoppers wound through the gates.

General Manager Nate Roach says big box stores realize shoppers want more options.

“We wanted to give some customers that maybe don't want to come out on Thanksgiving or Black Friday night and fight the traffic choices. So we started the majority of our deals on Sunday,” he said.

The extra days meant shoppers could relax. This year, they left planning and budgeting for the line.

Baughn said he didn’t pick specific deals, he just knew what he needed. For others, like Jaden Austin, there was no plan at all.

"I looked when I got here, I didn't even know we were coming until this morning,” he said.

Shoppers say it's not that Black Friday is dead. For the dedicated shopper, there are deals to be found.

"The TV's, the 65 inch is $300, they're normally $700 for that size. So you can save a lot of money,” Baughn said.

But the door-busters of years past are making way for something new.

"We will have some of the biggest sales we have all year long on Cyber Monday and many of those will drop at midnight,” Roach said.