It's not every thanksgiving we have a local connection to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

The Murray County Dance Team performed along with 600 other dancers from various parts of the United States.

They auditioned for the part back in July.

Millions of American tuned in to the parade.

It’s a moment many on the team are still processing.

"It was like breath taking. Like, you would just start walking and you would think about it and go wow. I've been watching this over and over for so many years at home and now I'm in it,” Member Kennedy Ryan said.

Moments after the performance, classmates and residents of Murray County went online, sharing how proud they were.

“And a bunch of our people from school and stuff were posting about us. Saying 'we see our dance team!' And it's really a special way to represent the community and it just gives me chills to think that everybody at home was watching,” Member Landri Sparks said.

Senior member Gracie Fenwick says she's thankful this holiday season for the opportunity.

"I'm glad everybody had this experience and the opportunity to do it because you'll have long time memories that you will always have and it's just really fun,” Fenwick said.

Fenwick says she even took a little piece of the parade with her.

“I took some little confetti pieces off of the road and kept them. So I could have them,” Fenwick said.

They say the success hasn’t gone to their heads…yet.

And they can’t wait to be back home and share their experience with Murray County.